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Special Feature(s)
Athlon XP 3000+
256MB GeforceFX 5700 Nvidia
SB Audigy 2 ZS
Athlon T-bird 1400Mhz
128MB GeforceFX 5200 Nvidia
SB Live! Platinum
Athlon 4 1300Mhz PowerNow!
32MB Via Twister K(ProSavage+)
VT82C686 AC97
K63 450Mhz
32MB Geforce256 Nvidia
K62 500Mhz
16MB V3 2000 3dfx
SB16 PNP w/Wave
Pentium II 333Mhz
64MB ATI Radeon 7k
SB32 AWE w/8MB
Music Box,DVD
K62+ 450Mhz
4MB Riva128 Nvidia + VooDoo2 12MB
SB64 AWE Value
Cryix MediaGX 200Mhz
2MB Shared
Intel 386DX 25Mhz
256k VGA

Old Pictures:
Old Desk
Old Computer Collage
Old VR Version All:)
Old VR Version All 2 :)

System #1 - Win2000pro / BeOS 5.0.3 Pro Dual Boot
Athlon Server and Internet Multimedia

AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.1Ghz (10.5x200Mhz 512KB L2, 1.65v)[Antec HSF]
Mid-Tower ATX Case Turbo Case ATX288K-BK/320W
1024Megs PC3200 DDR 400Mhz
Abit NF7-S2 ATX Motherboard [Nvidia Nforce2 Ultra chipset] 1-6-0
Ultra DMA133, AGP8x, 2 ps/2, 2 serial 16550, 1 paralell EPP/ECP, 6 USB 2.0
5 Port USB 2.0 Controller [nec based]
Asus GeForceFX 5700 256M DDR AGP [Dual VGA]
Samsung Syncmaster 712N LCD 17" 12ms monitor [1280x1024x75hz]
250 Gig ATA100 Western Digital Hard Disk [60MBps sustained]
160 Gig RAID0 Array (UDMA133 Maxtor DiamondMax 7200rpm 80 Gig HDDs)
Plextor PX-716A 16x DVD-RW DL
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS 7.1 w/ SB1394 Firewire Port
5.1 Creative T5400 Speakers [5.1 DirectSound and DVD]
Plextor ConvertX M402U Video Capture USB 2.0 device
Canon Canoscan N650U ultra thin 600x1200dpi 42bit Color Scanner [USB]
HP 842C Deskjet Color printer 600x1200dpi Paralell enabled (same Printer)
6in1 USB 2.0 Sandisk Flash Reader
2 PSX to PC controller convertors for total 3 ports
2 PSX dancepads and 1 Dual Shock 2 Controller
Gyration Ultra Cordless Mouse and Keyboard [USB]

System #2 - Win98SE / BeOS 5.0.3 Pro Dual Boot
Athlon Game System and DVD 5.1 theater

AMD Athlon 1.4Ghz (10.5x133Mhz 1.8v)[Antec HSF]
512Megs PC-133 SDRAM @ CAS2
Abit KT7A-RAID ATX Motherboard [Via KT133a chipset] 1-6-1
Full Tower Tornado 2000 ATX case
Ultra DMA66/100, AGP4x, 2 ps/2, 2 serial 16550, 1 paralell EPP/ECP, 4 USB
Vivitron 21" Monitor [1600x1200x67hz]
PNY GeForceFX 5200 128M DDR AGP [Dual VGA]
45 Gig UDMA100 IBM Deskstar
16x/10x/40x Plextor Plexwriter CD-RW Drive
6x/24x Creative Encore DVD-ROM Drive
Sound Blaster Live! Platinum [SB1024] w/ LiveDrive!
Creative Digital I/O Card II
Creative Encore DXR3 MPEG2 Hardware Decoder[Realmagic Hollywood Plus]
Creative Soundworks DTT2500 speakers [5.1 DVD, 4.0 DirectSound]
Linksys LNE100TX 10/100baseT Ethernet Card [DEC based]
HP 842C Deskjet Color printer 600x1200dpi USB enabled
Philips VGA USB camera 15fps PCVC675K
HP C618 USB enabled Digital Camera - 128Meg CF - 2Megapixels

System #3 - Windows XP Home
Athlon Laptop and DVD Player

AMD Athlon 4 1.3Ghz 1500+ with PowerNow!
Compaq Persario 732US Laptop
768Megs SDRAM [256MB built-in + 512MB PC133 SODIMM]
Via KT133 Twister K chipset
Ultra DMA100, AGP4x, 1 ps/2, 1 paralell EPP/ECP, 2 USB, S-Video, VGA
Twister K Graphics 32MB shared memory(ProSavage+)
14.1" TFT XGA LCD 1024x768 16million colors
100.0 GB ATA100 5400 RPM Seagate hard drive [5400.2 momentus] 
DVD-ROM/CDRW combo 6x/8x4x24x
VT82C686 [Apollo Super AC97/Audio] 
Realtek10/100 built-in Ethernet [RTL-8139 chipset]
Conexant based built-in V92 modem
Dlink DWL-G650 802.11g SuperG 108mbps PCMCIA adaptor
USB 2.0 PCMCIA adaptor

System #4 - WindowsXP Pro / Red Hat 7.3 Dual Boot
Linux Server/Shell

AMD K6/3 450Mhz (4.5x100Mhz 2.4v)
Full Tower Generic AT Case
384Megs PC-133 SDRAM @ 100Mhz CAS2
Epox MVP3C Baby AT Motherboard [Via MVP3 chipset] 1-4-3
Antec 350W ATX power supply [using reset for power]
Ultra DMA33, AGP2x, 2 serial 16550, 1 paralell EPP/ECP, 2 USB
Guillemont 3D Prophet [GeForce256] - 32 Megs SDR @ 125/150
ViewSonic PS790 19" Monitor [1600x1200x67hz]
Maxtor UDMA133 Dual-Channel (Promise Based) Controller
80 Gig Maxtor UDMA133 7200rpm DiamondMax
32x/10x/40x TDK CDRW Drive [40x Audio]
16x DVD-ROM Drive [generic]
Adaptec 2940 PCI Wide/UWide SCSI Adaptor
Creative SB64 AWE [full version non-value]
PCI 10/100baseT Ethernet [DEC21143 based]

System #5 - WinME / SuSe Linux 6.2 / BeOS 5.0.3 Pro Tri Boot
3dfx Games and Primary BeOS Computer

AMD K6/2 500Mhz (5.0x100Mhz 2.2v)
Desktop Generic 386-BabyAT Case[slightly modified :]
384Megs PC-133 SDRAM @ CAS2
Tyan S1590 Baby AT Motherboard [Via MVP3 chipset] 1-4-4
Ultra DMA33, AGP2x, 2 serial 16550, 1 paralell EPP/ECP, 1 PS/2
VooDoo 3 - 2000 PCI 16Megs
Dell Computer Ultrascan VC5 14" Monitor [1024x768x72hz]
4.0 Gig Samsung UDMA33 HDD
40x Generic CD-ROM Drive UDMA33
Sound Blaster 16 w/ wave effects
Linksys LNE100TX 10/100baseT Ethernet Card [ DEC based]
Linksys Ether16 10baseT/2 Ethernet [ ne2000]

System #6 - WIN98SE
Music Box

Penitum II Overdrive 333Mhz
Full Tower Case [no covers]
192MB 72pinn SIMMs 60ns
SuperMicro P6SNE Socket8 Motherboard, 2 serial 16550, 1 paralell EPP/ECP
Maxtor ATA133 Ultra controller [Promise]
Visiontek ATI Radeon 7k - 64Meg
Viewsonic A70f-2 17" Monitor[max 1280x1024x66hz]
Creative Sound Blaster 32 CT3600 with 8 Megs 30pinn 80ns w/ Wavesynth [SB64]
EM8300 Sigma Designs - Real Magic MPEG-2 Decoder
Inspire T3000 2.1 Speakers [creative]
5 Port USB 2.0 COntroller [nec based]
120GB UDMA133 Seagate HDD
16x DVD-ROM Drive UDMA [generic]
D-Link DFE-503+ PCI 10/100baseT Ethernet

System #7 - WIN98SE
PCMCIA Card reader

AMD K6/2+ 450Mhz [6x75Mhz 2.1v]
Desktop Generic 386-BabyAT Case[modified power]
256Megs PC-100 SDRAM
Abit TX5 Motherboard [Intel 430TX chipset] 0-4-3
BusMaster DMA Mode4 EIDE, AGP2x, 2 serial 16550, 1 paralell EPP/ECP, 2 USB
DiamondMM Viper V330 Riva 128 - 4 Meg Video Card
14" Compaq Color VGA monitor model 420K
Compaq 413 monitor 14" Monochrome 60hz(64 grayscale) [spare]
Creative 12 Meg VooDoo 2 addon card
Sound Blaster 64 AWE CT4500
3.5 Gig Maxtor EIDE Mode4
52x CD-ROM Drive LG ELectronics [generic]
Linksys PCMCIA slots, 2 Internal type IV PCMCIA slots
D-Link DFE-503+ PCI 10/100baseT Ethernet
generic 56k Windmodem

System #8 - Win98[IE5.5]
Bedroom Network Computer

Internet Appliance: Virgin Webplayer
200MHZ Cryix MediaGX Processor (586-MMX class)
128MB PC133 SODIMM Memory
National Geode Chipset, 2 USB Ports, PS/2 IR Port
Cyrix CX9210 video chipset
10" Color DSTN Flat Panel Display - 800x600x16mill
48MB M-Systems DiskOnChip (120M Drvspace3)
56K V.90 Modem (Conexant RP56D chipset)
IR Wireless Keyboard w/Trackball
Linksys 10baseT USB Ethernet (model USB10TX)
Audio (National LM4546 CODEC)
Built in Speakers
External Speakers with subwoofer (generic)

System #9 - WIN95A[IE2/Netscape 3.04]
Working Museum Piece

Laptop: Intel 386/387 25Mhz
12Megs RAM
Toshiba Satelite 1850C Laptop
External VGA Connector, Serial, Paralell
256K VGA unknown chipset [640x480x16,320x240x256]
Passive Matrix Color LCD 640x480x512c
120 Megs Toshiba 2.5" HDD
Xircom 10baseT/2 Paralell Port Ethernet Adaptor (500kbps :)
Built-in 9600bps T96 Toshiba Modem (Hayes Compat)
Kodak Diconix 150+ 192dpi Portable Printer

Other - Network Hardware

Cisco 1602R Router - Internet [T1]
Motorola Bitsurfer Cable Modem - Internet [Cable]
Dlink DI-624 SuperG 802.11g capable Broadband router [Cable]
D-Link DSS8+ - 10/100baseT 8 port Switch [Downstairs]
NetGear FS108 - 10/100baseT 8 port Switch [Upstairs]
Linksys Network Anywhere 10/100 Hub NH1005-WM [Server]
1500VA APC primary UPS backup [Server]
30 Gig External ATA66 Drive USB 2.0 & 1394 interface, 5.25" enclosure (IBM 3.5")
20 GB UltraDMA 4200 RPM hard drive USB 2.0 interface, 2.5" enclosure (Hitachi 2.5")
Linksys NSLU2 Network NAS server with 420 GBytes (following two drives)
120 Gig External ATA100 Drive USB 2.0 interface, 3.5" enclosure (western digital)
300 Gig External ATA100 Drive USB 2.0 interface, 3.5" enclosure (Seagate)

(updated Sep 21, 2005)